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9352 106A Avenue NORTHWEST (very important to put into googlemaps)

Edmonton, Alberta

T5H 2C5

Public transit option: take the LRT to Central station,

exit Hotel McDonald direction, take the 5 Coliseum bus,

1st stop past the train tracks, red building to the right.

Or walk from Churchill station.

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    We are absolutely wholeheartedly dedicated to serving you the best we can to provide you free Dharma classes and assist you along the path!  However, we ask for your kind help please!  Other than our resident teacher, our community is all run by volunteers who strive to contribute our very best to serving you on top of our very busy full employment / studies.  We therefore ask you to please kindly check our website fully first to see if it answers your questions before you email us.  We will gladly and strive our best to respond to your emails at first instance, but we ask you to please kindly extend to our volunteers your kind compassion first by taking full ownership of exploring everything first and extend to us your kind patience and understanding in case we cannot return your email right away.  Thank you sincerely for your kind compassion, understanding and cooperation! 🙂  We look forward to serving you through our free Dharma classes and other events!


    Affiliated Land of Compassion Buddha Centers:

    Khensur Rinpoche gives teachings all over the world, below are a few of our sister centers where he teaches regularly.

    US – West Covina:

    Canada – Vancouver:


    Costa Rica:

    New Zealand:





    Please kindly note that your emails will prompt this auto-reply first:

    Dear Land of Compassion Buddha Edmonton friends,

    Thank you for your email.  Please kindly note one of our kind volunteers will do their very best to get back to you as soon as they can.
    If you are inquiring about whether or not we have classes / events at a certain time, please kindly look at our website  That should be the most up to date confirmation of whether or not our events are occurring.
    If you are wondering which classes we are having, please also refer to the website, as it should state the specific Dharma talk series Geshela is teaching.
    If you are wondering about when’s the best time to come, please kindly consider during our scheduled events right now!
    If you are wondering if you need to bring anything, please just bring yourself!  Dharma is always free.  No need to register and no registration will be taken.
    If you are looking to see if Land of Compassion Buddha Edmonton is the right fit for you, please kindly consider looking at our page to see all of Geshela’s past teachings to see if they speak to you.
    If you are looking for beginner resources to start exploring Buddhism, please kindly consider looking to the specific talks in the page where it says “introduction to Buddhism” or “Other Dharma resources” that some of our volunteers recommend but that they come from our volunteers, and we don’t know if that’s what Geshela would recommend.
    For any other inquiries, one of our volunteers will do their best to get back to you.  Thank you for your kind patience in advance and understanding that we are fully run by volunteers with full time jobs and studies and we will do our utmost to try to serve you in the best way that we can given our capacity now.
    With warm metta (lovingkindness),
    Land of Compassion Buddha Edmonton